Cranberry Fishing Services

As anglers themselves, our tackle guides know that the right lines and bait are critical to snagging the next big catch. No matter the destination, our tackle shop is equipped with line, bait and lure solutions for wherever you're headed.


From live bait to licenses, we've got what you need for your next fishing trip. Learn more about our in-store fishing services. Learn more here.

Fishing Licenses

Public Lands sells fishing licenses in-store. Contact your local store about pricing and the specific types of fishing licenses available in your area. Learn more here.

Line Winding

Free Line Winding available with Line Purchases

Spend more time fishing with newly spooled fishing lines. The longer your line remains on your reel, the more it can become coiled. Brittle, knotted and twisted line can come between you and your game fish, but our tackle guides can spool fresh line for you in minutes. Choose from a variety of bulk line offered with per-yard pricing or purchase one of the many types of packaged line and we'll wind it onto your reel. Specific bulk line types and brands vary by location.

Shop Bulk Line
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